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Water Mask Review

Water Mask Review: We all know how important it is to dive straight into a pool of water, but believe me, if. you do not prepare before getting into the water, you might just end up with a serious problem or most likely death.

However, if you are a beginner in swimming or a professional, using a full water mask is a good choice you have to consider

Besides no matter if it is your first time trying to get a mask or you have been using one in the past, you have to consider some things, such as;

Good visibility: Taking into consideration, the curved lens, some mask model do not have this property and this is very important to enable a clear uninterrupted 180 degree view.

Water Barrier: This gives a great grip on your face, preventing water from entering the mask and resting on your face when you smile. The strap keeps the mask firm on your face without letting it fall off.

Natural Breathing: This keeps your breathing in good shape, without any stress. You can confidently inhale and exhale through either your nose or mouth. 

water mask review

Features of the Water Mask

Anti-fog System: Inhaled air contacts the viewing area before reaching the mouth and nose. When the user exhales, the exhaled air is directly discharged from the pipes on both sides, and does not contact the viewing area, thereby preventing the fog by physical means. 

Anti-leak System: The float-ball design on top of the mask prevents water from being poured in from the top. When the snorkel tube sinks, the float ball will be lifted by buoyancy, blocking the air inlet, preventing seawater from pouring in. After floating out of the water surface, the ball drops due to gravity, thus opens the air inlet. Install the snorkel tube, fasten the buckle, and cover the lid. 

Foldable Snorkel Tube: Convenient storage, hard to lose. 

Panoramic View: 180° panoramic view design creates a larger viewing area. A flat viewing panel design allows you to see things clearly without any distortion.

  • Scientific design for proper length of the tube, ensured a better airflow
  • Folded-snorkel, Fold the tube by gently push a button, you will never worry about the falling-off or leakage during your snorkeling
  • Dry snorkel technology, a light ball at the top of the tube will automatically seal the air valve with stops salt water from getting into your month and prevents gagging
  • Come with GoPro mount and screw sets allows the GoPro totally submerged in water to record
water mask review

Specifications of the Water Mask [Water Mask Review]

  • Material: PC + Food Grade Silicone
  • Color: Black / Blue
  • Size: S/M, L/XL.

What you get after a Purchase

  • 1x Snorkeling Mask
  • 1x Mesh Bag,
  • 1x GoPro Mount
  • 2x Black Earplug
  • 1x Screw Sets
  • 1x User Manual
  • 60 Days 100% Guarantee Satisfaction

Benefits of the Water Mask

1. Discover the must-have gadget for your beach holidays.

2. It offers the option of adding a camera so that you can record your underwater trip.

3. Kids and adults alike can enjoy snorkelling in a simple and uncomplicated way.

4. It comes with lenses that prevent any condensation and fogginess from forming when practicing sports.

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Basic Instructions on using the Water Mask

1. Install the snorkel tube, fasten the buckle, and cover the lid.

2. Move any hair on your forehead all the way to the side. Men are recommended to shave any facial hair to prevent gaps that could cause water leakage.

3. Move the mask up and down, left and right, until the V – shaped silicone section inside the mask fits perfectly with the face. 

4. Pull the elastic bands on both sides towards the back of the head until the silicone is tightly attached to the face. A snug fit prevents fogging and water leakage.

5. After securing the mask to your face, check again that there are no gaps at the chin.

water mask review

Regular Precautions about the Water Mask

Check the product and parts before each use to ensure that all valve pieces are intact and flatly sealed.

Do not use if the product is found to have cracks or any other damage. In case of water leak or fogging during product use, please remove the mask and reapply following the instructions. This product is only for snorkeling.

Do not wear the mask to dive, as this may break the mask and cause serious bodily injury. When submerging yourself completely, avoid vigorous exhalation to prevent the top float-ball from opening.

Do not scuba dive, free dive, or engage in high-intensity swimming while using this product. This product is not suitable for these high-intensity sports.

Do not disassemble or repair the product on your own, as it could lead to accidents. If you experience dizziness or shortness of breath while using this product, please stop using it immediately.

Keep away from children. This product is not suitable for children under 12 years old. It is recommended for use in water temperatures between 18-45 ℃, to avoid fogging due to temperature.

water mask review

How to Maintain the Water Mask [Water Mask Review]

1. Make sure there is no sand inside the mask and snorkel before each use, and if necessary, rinse the mask with plenty of warm water.

2. Confirm that all foreign matter is removed (salt, sand, seaweed, etc.).

3. Do not expose the mask to direct sunlight for long periods of time.

4. Avoid contact between the mask and hard objects such as sand and gravel, which will create scratches on the mask.

5. Keep the mask dry after use. Avoid contact between the mask and any solvents or detergents.


At this point, it is very clear how important the water mask should be used before going into any pool.

With this mask you can enjoy all beach holidays with ease and take amazing photos while swimming with your friends and family.

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