Read This Before Buying (Updated November) – SonicX Pro Review 2020

SonicX Pro Review

SonicX Pro Review

Did you know that many people still suffer from poor oral hygiene, even though they brush their teeth two or three times each day? This is because they are still using outdated toothbrushes, which do not provide the superior benefits of modern toothbrush technology, which makes us tell you more about the SonicX Pro Review.

Their toothbrushes are struggling to clean hard to reach areas and lack the power needed to remove stains and plaque build-up.

Believe it or not, most of us are, according to dental health experts, not brushing our teeth the right way. Which is why having healthy oral health is not that common.

Besides, the effect of improper brushing can be so bad that it can leave residues of food and bacteria in your teeth and mouth and further cause yellowish teeth and bad breath. What comes next? A smile too rotten that you could hardly show to anyone.

Good thing that you now have the choice to avoid that nightmare from happening. And that is SonicX Pro, sonic pro electric toothbrush.

If you are still using an old-fashioned toothbrush and are unhappy with your oral hygiene, it is time to try the SonicX PRO, it will change your smile forever.

SonicX Pro is a specially developed electric toothbrush that puts all previous electric toothbrushes in the shade. Because SonicX Pro cleans your teeth up to 100 times more thoroughly than previous toothbrushes of this kind.

This will help you clean your teeth better and keep your teeth white, as food residues and possible tooth discolouration are completely removed by cleaning your teeth 100 times more thoroughly.

SonicX Pro Review is an interesting product developed by the guys over at hyperstech, but is it really useful, and more importantly, is it going to be useful for you.

Well, you will decide that but what I will do is lay down the pros and cons I saw in the product then I will give my own recommendation.

So without spending further time, let’s dive into the SonicX Pro Review.

SonicX Pro Review

What is the Sonicx Pro Toothbrush Review

When having a broad overview, this seems like just another fancy toothbrush. But on a closer look, you begin to see what sets it apart from other toothbrushes.

It can deliver an amazing 45000 strokes per minute, this means you get a really effective brush with half the effort, leading to whiter teeth and fresher breath.

To put this into perspective, manual brushing can give at best 300 strokes per minute due to our human limitations.

For an electric toothbrush to be seen as “effective” it needs to have a stroke per minute of atleast 3000.

SonicX Pro Review operates at 45,000 strokes per minute, in order words you could say it is 15 times more effective than average electric toothbrushes and 150 times more effective than manual brushing.

The advanced sonic technology utilised by Sonic X is disrupting. At the times people are becoming more and more interested in electric toothbrushes, SonicX Pro Review makes the process of cleaning teeth significantly more efficient. And you will realize it quickly when changing your routine to use SonicX Pro’s 4 Bushing Modes. Each mode targets a particular part of the mouth.

No one could ever deny that cleaning your teeth manually is a chore. So, why not try this sleek electric toothbrush? And you’ll see a huge difference. Because brushing your teeth the old way can’t be as effective as the 45,000 brush strokes per minute of SonicX Pro.

With this advanced teeth brushing tool, you can experience an advanced and greatly improved solution that will take your teeth brushing routine to a whole new level.

Sonic Pro Electric Toothbrush Highlights

  • Made with Sonic Technology
  • 100X powerful than manual brushing
  • About 45,000 Brush Strokes Per Minute
  • 4 brushing modes- Soft, Cleaning, Whitening, and Massaging
  • Smart timer of 2 minutes with a 30-second interval to switch brushing areas
  • Use at home or carry on a trip
  • Available on 50% Discount

Sonicx Pro Benefits

  • Easy-to-use with changeable batteries
  • Keeps your teeth and gums clean and healthy
  • Allows thorough and longer brushing
  • Durable, lightweight and easy-to-carry
  • Smart device with a smart timer

Why Buy Sonic X Pro Electric Toothbrush

Well aside from what I said above, here are some other reasons why you should lean towards the electric toothbrush camp.

Studies show that using electric toothbrushes are more efficient in removing plaques from your teeth than using manual toothbrushes.

They’re also more enjoyable and easier to use, which encourages users to take better care of their teeth. Kids are especially fund of electric toothbrushes.

Because electric toothbrushes provide more strokes per minute than manual brushing, you get a better clean, faster and we all know time is money.

Pros and Cons of the Sonicx Pro Toothbrush 


  • You get 45,000 brush vibrations per minute. 
  • Battery life is good and long at 2 weeks. 
  • You can travel with it oh so easily. 
  • The brushes are interchangeable and included
  • Four brushing modes 
  • You can even get a deal at the SonicX website. 


  • Its price is slightly on the high side
  • You will have to replace the brush eventually.
  • That battery will die, and when it does, you will hate using your regular toothbrush.

 Key Features Of Sonic Pro Toothbrush

sonicx pro toothbrush review

The most advanced electric toothbrush is coming your way! SonicX Pro Review, with its proven cleaning technology, is acknowledged to be effective with better ratings than the traditional toothbrush used manually.

And you will be able to get whiter, stronger, and healthier teeth. Discover the reasons why this toothbrush is the best in terms of oral care, with the key features of this trending product.

Here’s what you can look forward to when you get this cool brush in your paws:

-A Super Powerful Brush!

The sonic vibrations produced by this device are powerful. They produce a force that is strong and great at removing plaque in those areas that are very hard to reach inside your mouth. Talk about feeling clean. 

-Smart Brushing

The toothbrush includes a wide variety intelligent brushing method to clean, massage, and whiten your teeth. You can also select a soft brushing method if you desire a gentle cleansing method. Perfect for those days when you just want to feel clean but not be aggressive about it. 

-Timer Brushing

You no longer have to set a timer to get the right brush time in. You can just let the toothbrush take care of it for you! Instead of setting a boring timer, let the toothbrush take care of it and watch some cool videos on your phone instead or something like that. We guarantee it’s a lot more fun. It runs for two minutes and then switches for 30 seconds so you remember to go to other parts of your mouth. 

-IPx7 Grade Waterproof

In other words this device has no problem with water. It is Ipx7 grade waterproof and this allows it to washed directly under the tap after you finish brushing.

Intelligent Brushing

Aside from its excellent sonic technology, SonicX Pro also includes four intelligent brushing modes. These will bring your teeth brushing routine at a higher level: Clean, white, massage and milder. Each of these is designed to improve different areas of your dental health.

And there is a particular option for individuals who prefer gentle cleaning. This intelligent brush mode offers soft brushing for a gentler but equally excellent cleaning power unlike other kinds of brush.

Long Battery Life

Since this SonicX Pro Review runs using a power source. It is good to find out that it has a powerful and efficient rechargeable battery that can last for a long time. This means you will never have to worry about a sudden loss of power especially when you are running out of time.

Also, you don’t have to reach every wall mounted power plug in your house in order to charge this cool portable sonic toothbrush. Because this electric toothbrush is specifically designed to fit most of the gadgets we utilize today where USB charging is allowed.

You can watch until its battery becomes full while working on your laptop. If you are out and about you can use a power bank instead. But if you prefer plugging it directly in a power plug, you can simply use a standard USB head.

If you are looking for an efficient toothbrush that you can charge easily, Sonic X is the best solution you can ever have.

Charge it anywhere and bring it along with your travels and surely you’ll love how flexible this product is. It only needs less than 6 hours to fully charge. And you’ll know it quickly because it has a useful LED feedback light to notify you.

Lightweight and portable

Use it at home or take it wherever you go, this sleek toothbrush is compact designed, lightweight, and incredibly durable. Slip it inside your personal hygiene pouch as you pack for a trip or simply toss it in your luggage if you don’t really have the time to organize everything. SonicX Pro is perfect either way.

-Waterproof and durable

Additionally, this sonic toothbrush is waterproof and it is composed of IPX7 grade materials. So, you don’t have to hesitate washing it under the tap. If you have decided to invest in a powerful electric toothbrush that can give your money back.

Simple to Operate

Simplicity is one of the things that this electric toothbrush boast. As a matter of fact, it is designed and crafted to be very simple.

Therefore, you don’t need to waste your time reading a complicated manual. And you can easily figure out what to do even the moment you take it out from the box.

Besides, how can a single button control complicate things? Click it once, click it twice, and you’ll know what you need.

Smart Zone Reminder

It is probably the best feature that you can ever find in an electric toothbrush. This revolutionary product takes note of the last mode you utilize when you use it for the first time. So when you use it again it will deliver you the default mode you have chosen.

The Smart Zone Reminder is the best way to simplify your teeth brushing routine. Even more, if you prefer a particular brushing mode that you love to use every single time.

Replaceable Heads

For the best results, you should replace your toothbrush after three months of use. Why? Because bristles often become bent, wear out, and become discolored after a long time.

And you must also do that with electric toothbrushes.

However, with SonicX Pro Review you only have to replace its existing brush head with a new one and not the entire toothbrush.

Plus you can choose between the two colors available: White or pink!

Sonicx Pro Unique Technology

SonicX Pro Review is a game changer in the market of toothbrushes. Created with much thought and love for people’s well-being, SonicX Pro Review puts the times when one had to constantly worry about his or her oral hygiene to the past. Some of the most unique benefits of this product are as follows:

  • Intelligent brushing. The toothbrush features four brushing modes: cleaning, whitening, a massage and soft clean.
  • Power. High-frequency acoustic vibrations create secondary cleansing action, that way producing a powerful brushing force (45,000 brush strokes per minute!), which guarantees the removal of plaque in the hard to reach areas of the mouth.
  • Timer. Each of the four modes will run for two minutes with interval pauses every thirty seconds, so you wouldn’t forget to switch to other areas of your mouth.
  • Long lasting battery. The batteries of the toothbrush are designed to last for two weeks of regular brushing and are rechargeable.
  • Compact. This lightweight and easily portable toothbrush can be used at home or on the go, for example, taken on a trip. 
  • DuPont brush. DuPont is a synthetic, soft filament, usually used to create makeup brushes. It performs like natural hair, so it will not harm your gums and will guarantee quality cleanse of the teeth. 
  • Simplicity. The entire brush is controlled with one button on the front.
  • Waterproof. The toothbrush is IPX7 grade waterproof, so after brushing your teeth it can be washed as a usual toothbrush.

Perfect for all kinds of teeth

When you use a manual toothbrush, there is not much space to be creative – you basically use the same technique over and over again.

And the worst thing about this is the possibility that it’s not even working! SonicX Pro Review meets multiple needs with 4 integrated brushing modes.

So if you suffer from teeth sensitivity, you can still get the same effective cleaning without it feeling so harsh! SonicX Pro Review brings you a lot closer to a beautiful, and most importantly, healthy smile!

So, is the SonicX PRO toothbrush really worth it?

Definitely! It will be the best toothbrush you have ever used, and you will never go back to your old-style brushes.

The simple to operate design is incredibly easy to use, with just one button to control every function, so that you have quick and easy access to the amazing features.

The long-lasting replaceable heads and rechargeable long-life battery will ensure that this toothbrush also provides excellent value for money.

sonicx pro

How Does the Sonic Pro Toothbrush Work?

Many people have been put off using an electric toothbrush in the past because of designs which can often be difficult to use. One of the common complaints people have with electric toothbrushes is their poor ability to retain charge for a long period of time. However, these issues are a thing of the past with the SonicX PRO toothbrush.

sonic pro toothbrush is the best.
buy sonic x pro now.
sonic pro electric toothbrush is changing the world now.

Unlike standard electric toothbrushes, the SonicX Pro Review will adapt to your own mouth using 4 intelligent brushing modes. Choose from either clean, whiten, polish or the soft gum care mode and you will benefit from a complete brushing experience that is designed for every area of your mouth.

In addition, the inbuilt 2-minute smart timer will warn you at 30-second intervals to switch to a new area of your mouth, which means you will never miss a spot again. Many users choose to begin with the ‘white’ option, which provides a powerful clean and is ideal for removing stains and plaque. However, for sensitive areas of the mouth the gentle options will also leave you feeling fresh and clean.

With such a versatile and easy to charge design, many users are surprised by the toothbrushes ability to provide 45,000 strokes per minute. The powerful sonic vibrations create a strong cleaning force, which guarantees to reach the difficult to reach parts of your mouth, such as behind wisdom teeth and around gaps. Not only is the toothbrush 100 times more powerful than a standard toothbrush, it is lightweight and durable.

The high-quality materials used within this impressive toothbrush meet IPX7 standards of waterproofing. This means that you can wash it thoroughly under the tap to ensure it is clean and prevent mildew build-up. This attention to detail is evident in every aspect of the design, even the bristles are sterilized with ultraviolet light and vacuum packed for delivery. This meticulous process ensures the toothbrush head is completely clean when opened.

Our Final Thoughts

Well if I were to be honest with you, I actually think this toothbrush is pretty cool and sound.

If you are impressed by the features…

If you’d love to get whiter teeth, more effective brushing with little effort…

If you want to stick to your brushing routine or you want your kids to stick to their brushing routine…

…then this fun product is definitely what you need and you can get it by clicking the button below.

**Note – The Company reached out to us and are offering a special discount offer on this product which will expire soon.

The button below has been updated with the discount link, just click it to get to the page.

P.S. It comes with free shipping.


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