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Smoke Alarm Service

Fires happen every day. In 2016, house fire was reported every ninety seconds, If you have smoke alarm service in your house, you’ll have a better chance of getting everyone out safely. While any smoke detector is better than none.

Smoke Alarm Service Review

Should I get a hard-wired smoke detector or a battery-powered smoke detector?

In most cases, we recommend choosing a wired smoke detector or a smoke detector with an extra-long battery life.

Hard-wired smoke detectors are more reliable since you don’t have to worry about batteries dying. Plus, most wired smoke alarms have battery backups, so they’ll still work during a power outage.

However, battery-powered smoke detectors are much easier to install, so be honest with yourself-if easier installation is the difference between whether or not the smoke detectors will actually get placed in your home, battery-powered smoke detectors will work just fine.

Smoke Alarm Placement

Smoke Alarm Placement?

At bare minimum, you need at least one smoke detector and carbon monoxide alarm on every level of your home-basement, main living area, attic, etc.

Ideally however, you should place a smoke detector in every bedroom and in hallways outside sleeping areas.

How often do I need to check the batteries?

If you have AA batteries, AAA batteries, or a 9-volt battery in your smoke alarm, you should check the batteries at least every six months.

Does it matter which type of sensor my smoke detector has?

There are two common types of sensors in smoke detectors: photoelectric sensors and ionization sensors.

Photoelectric sensors

Photoelectric smoke alarms use sensors that are better at detecting smoldering fires that generate lots of smoke. These sensors use a light to detect smoke and sound an alarm.

Ionization sensors

Ionization smoke alarm use sensors that are able to detect faster-burning fires with large flames. This is important because flaming fires produce small amounts of smoke that can be harder to detect.

They’re equipped with two metal plates and a small amount of radioactive material to ionize air. When smoke passes through the device, it interrupts the ionization, which triggers the alarm.

Dual sensors

Dual sensors include both photoelectric and ionization sensors. These are considered the safest smoke and fire detection devices. Because they detect both flaming fires and smaller, smoldering fires, it’s unlikely that any fire-related danger will get past these double-duty sensors.

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Nest protect is the smartest smoke detector on the market. Its app sends alerts to your phone so you can silence false alarms or call for help no matter where you are.

  • Split-Spectrum smoke detection: nest created its own sensor, a photoelectric and LED hybrid, to eliminate radioactive materials (found in ionization sensors) and enhance smoke detection.
  • Syncing: if you have multiple alarms, they’ll talk to each other. When one alarm sounds, they’ll all be triggered to tell you exactly where the danger is coming from.
  • Voice Alarm: instead of a loud beep, you’ll hear a human voice is smoke is detected.


You get advanced protection and a bunch of extra features with Nest Protect, but they come with a higher price tag than most other smoke detectors.

  • Higher price: you’ll pay more than $100 for a single Nest Protect smoke alarm, which can make installing multiple devices cost prohibitive.

If you don’t have the budget for a monitored home security system, a smart smoke alarm is the nest best thing.

You’ll still get notifications on your mobile device if you aren’t home to hear the alarm go off, which means you can call for help and make sure someone gets to your house as quickly as possible.

Our favorite smart smoke detector is the Nest Protect because it integrates with other Nest device, gives you mobile access, and includes carbon monoxide monitoring.

Key features

  • Smoke and carbon monoxide detection
  • Wired and battery-powered options
  • Mobile alerts and alarm control
  • Seamless connection with other Nest home automation products
  • Split-spectrum sensor to detect multiple kinds of fires
  • Motion sensor lighting
  • 85 dB sensor
  • Voice alarms that tell you where the danger is located

Smoke alarms can save a life, but they have to be properly installed and maintained. Don’t risk your family’s safety-use these tips to keep your smoke detectors in tip-toe shape.

Check Batteries

Nest reports that nine out of ten people don’t check batteries. This is dangerous! A smoke detector won’t do you any good if it isn’t working, so make sure to check your batteries every month and use the “test” button intermittently to ensure proper function.

Arm Every Level

The national fire protection association (NFPA) recommends putting a smoke detector on every level of your home: in every bedroom, outside every sleeping area, and in your basement. On floors without bedrooms, install alarms in the living area or near stairways. If you have a large home, consider adding even more to cover the whole footprint.

Mount High

Smoke rises. It’s important to put your smoke detectors within a foot of your ceilings, avoid putting smoke detectors in the “pitch” of the roofline. Instead, mount fire alarms three feet below the ceiling so they can accurately read smoke.

Never Run Out of Batteries

Set up recurring delivery for smoke alarm batteries on Amazon. That way, you’ll always be ready to replace a dead battery in your smoke alarm. Time the delivery schedule to match regular smoke alarm maintenance so you’ll never overlook changing out old batteries.

Keep It Clean

Dirt and debris interfere with the sensors on your smoke alarm. Dusty buildup can lead to false alarms or delayed detection during an emergency. Whether you have a photoelectric alarm or an ionization detector, regular cleaning will keep your smoke alarm in working order.

Dodge Drafts

Keep smoke alarms away from window, doors, and air ducts. Drafts can disrupt the operation of smoke detectors and increase the occurrence of nuisance alarms.

Get Connected

The united states consumer product safety commission found that interconnected smoke alarm do a better job of detecting fires and alerting all occupants to danger. When it comes to safety, taking the extra step to install and connect hard-wired smoke detectors is definitely worth it.

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Smoke alarms is a good product, having them in your home increases your security, regardless of which type or brand you use.

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