Singorama Review 2020 – Ultimate Guide for Any Singer

singorama review

Singorama Review

With regards to web based singing exercises and courses, Singorama review is one of the top decisions accessible. It’s the most far reaching singing project.

Right now, I need to feature a portion of the highlights of this item, and furnish you with enough data to choose if it’s ideal for you.

So first how about we rapidly survey who is in reality behind this program:

The substance of Singorama review is Melanie Alexander who was the lead vocalist in a young ladies pop gathering from Australia during the 90s.

They were a gigantic achievement in Australia, and turned out a couple of years before the Spice Girls truly dominated. Her gathering had some significant hits and were granted Gold and Platinum collections.

Meet The Person Behind This Course

The reason Singorama review is so successful, and why it has received so many great testimonials which you can read here, is because everything that helped Melanie improve her voice, she has inputted into this program.

She had to learn it all herself, and she’s created this course to help fast track your success in improving your voice.

Melanie has used Singorama review to make it as a famous singer. You get the same information and techniques that helped her gain so much success.

Singorama 2.0 – The Complete Package for Singers

The exercises and preparing spread everything from warm-ups, breathing, expanding the vocal range, fortifying the voice, to performing in front of an audience and seeking after a singing profession.

Notwithstanding the broad sound exercises and activities, the program likewise gives you unique Singorama preparing digital books for apprentices and propelled artists further clarifying the entirety of the ideas instructed in the program.

Try not to be tricked by the straightforward structure of the Singorama preparing stage. Its straightforwardness is the magnificence of the whole instructional class. You will never lose your direction or feel overpowered while preparing on the site.

In the event that you need get familiar with the correct procedure, you tune in to the Getting Started exercises. On the off chance that you need to begin executing, you go to the Vocal Exercise module. It’s as basic as that.

What We Love About This Course

  • Singorama review 2.0 Is Huge!This is a step by step system that you can use for just 15 minutes each day, and see some great improvements. It is the exact program that Melanie has used to improve her own personal voice.
  • Most Comprehensive Singing ProgramYou get a ton of information with this course, and this alone is worth the cost. There are 28 audio modules that are combined with eBooks, worksheets and tools to help you improve your voice in a step by step plan.
  • More Than Just Breathing and Exercise TechniquesThis course covers all the essential techniques to sing better, but also covers the other important topics that a singer might face. These are topics like singing anxiety, bad habits to avoid, singing within a band, and it even discusses song writing.
  • Performance and Audition TipsWhether you want to improve your voice at church, or for a real audition, the performance guide in this program will really help in this area.
  • 28 modules with step by step instructions
  • Most informative vocal package
  • Extremely easy to use
  • Affordable price with digital download
  • Full 60 day money back guarantee

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The Highest-quality Audio Lessons and Tranings

In this visual-based internet age, Singorama review 2.0 is sufficiently striking to make this preparation program totally dependent on top notch mp3 exercises and trainings.

As I was tuning in to the exercises, I was fascinated by the vocal conveyance of the instructor clarifying the mind boggling singing ideas in a straightforward manner.

The sound chronicle nature of the mp3 exercises are astounding – calming to the ears to tune in to.

Really awful I can’t show you discernibly here. You have to experienced it direct by downloading them on the website.

You could without much of a stretch download each sound mp3 records and hear it out on your approach to work, which is actually what I did with my bad headphone. It sounds extraordinary.

The Weaknesses of Singorama 2.0

All together for this survey to be objective, adjusted, and substantial, I have to present to you the shortcomings of this program, and there are many.

To begin with, my greatest objections about this program is that the vocal activities and preparing are totally exhibited by a female teacher for the understudies to rehearse along.

That is incredible for female understudies. Shouldn’t something be said about the male artists? They do have various reaches.

Second, as I would like to think, the vocal activities don’t cover a large enough range in the artist’s voice. Thus, further developed artists are not tested enough vocally.

Third, the vocal activities are not straightforwardly or unmistakably associated with the sound exercises. They are each in various modules – Getting Started and Bonus Vocal Exercises ( I don’t comprehend why the vocal activities are in a reward module.)

At the point when you practice the vocal activities, you don’t generally know which exercises the activities are for. You need to make the associations yourselves. That is somewhat powerless!

Finally, the Pros and Cons!

Every training program has it strengths and weaknesses, and now I will give you a comparison for you to decide whether this program is for you or not!


1. Training platform is simple and easy-to-use.

2. Audio lessons and training are of highest-quality mp3 recordings. Easy to listen to.

3. Most comprehensive and extensive instructions.

4. Covers every important aspects of singing from basic training to performing on stage.

5. Very extensive bonus modules with softwares, tools, and ebooks.

6. Great for beginners and intermediate level singers.

7. Designed by a real professional singer Melanie Alexander.

8. Very, Very affordable price with 60-day money back guarantee.


1. Poor design for the training site.

2. Vocal exercises and training are geared more towards female students.

3. The connection between the Audio Lessons (Getting Started) and Vocal Exercises are weak.

4. Vocal exercises do not cover a big enough range to challenge the students.

5. Instructions could be too basic and easy for advanced students.


Singorama review 2.0 is a very complete training program for singing that covers everything from essential vocal technique to stage performance and many others.

The vast amount of contents that it provides make it a very ideal training program for beginning intermediate singers.

We recommended Singorama review for those who want the most complete system for learning how to sing.

If you’re someone who wants a complete course, then this is recommended. There is a ton of information and it’s well worth the price.

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