Safe Touch Reviews 2020 – The Complete Guide.

safe touch reviews

Safe Touch Reviews

Have you ever bought something really precious to you, that your not sure if your home is safe enough to keep it, read about the Safe Touch Reviews!

You leave your home for just a few hours only for you to come back and see that buglers have been in and out.

Well your in luck today because, I am going to tell you just what to do so that you don’t have to keep thinking about the safety of your household and belongings passed down from your grand-parents. 

Having a safe touch security system not only guarantees your safety but grants you peace of mind.

The moment there is a potential threat both you and the authorities get notified.

Safe touch security system is designed with the best equipment and provide the best services.

Intruders also having the tendency to try and get clever to avoid getting caught. It is not uncommon for thieves to cut your homes power and phone line, allowing them to escape with your possessions without the authorities showing up.

You may find that while having a security camera on your fence, in your back yard letting you know where your dog is at all-times, it is not really necessary for your safety.

Because of this, you may want to move your camera to the side of your home, covering all the windows and giving you a wider view of what is going on in front of your home. With a wireless security camera system, all devices can be moved to suit your needs best, whenever you want.

safetouch reviews

safetouch reviews

What You Need to Know About Safe Touch Reviews

Safe touch security is the nation’s largest, independent communication-security company. Our innovation guaranteed fast response and incomparable value are what make us.

Safe touch is an all-in-one flashlight that claims it’s “the only flashlight you will ever need”. I was intrigued so I wanted to see for myself if it lives up to its motto.

Swiss army knives are extremely useful because they contain plenty of tools that in just one device. However, it’s not enough in real emergencies or outdoor trips. Which is why when I saw LightSafeX, I was excited to try it out.

It’s not an ordinary flashlight because it also has a lot of useful gadgets that are necessary for emergencies.


  LightsafeX Key Features

  • Automatic authority notification
  • Remote access
  • Smoke detectors
  • Motion sensors and so much more.

Automatic authority notification: This device will ensure that you stay safe and have the authorities at your door step immediately.A wireless security device possess enough power and signal strength on their own to get a signal out to the authorities without the need of a telephone line or your home’s power.

Remote access: Use our my safe touch app to customize alerts, arm or disarm, watch surveillance video, view sensor and alarm history, and check your visitor activity, from anywhere. The wireless camera installed at the best angles for the perfect view, it can be remotely monitored which means that anywhere you are, you can monitor your home via a secure internet connection.

Detectors: Detectors in all manner, smoke detector, carbon monoxide detector, motion sensors.

Smoke detector: This device is able to detect choking gases from burning rubber, exhaust fume and so many others.

Motion sensors: This device notifies you immediately there is movement in your compound, this could be intruders. 

Installation:This should not worry you because here is where services come in Besides, wireless security camera not only prove to be easy to install, but risk of damage to your home is greatly minimized. Installing a wired system in a home under construction is not difficult to do, but due to the damage your already existing home could sustain, wireless is a great option.

Overview on Light safex

This multipurpose flashlight has blown me away. I’ve owned plenty of emergency flashlights from poplar brands, but this one is my current favorite. It’s not big and bulky despite having a lot of tools built into it.

The different light modes are great for various uses. Plus, the power bank is very useful because, let’s face it, we use our phones all the time and it chugs battery like a monster. The best feature for me is the fact that it is solar powered because it saves money and the environment.

light safex
light safex


With a wireless system, no holes are drilled, the yard is not dug up, and no electrician breaking drill bits in your beautiful marble.

The installation process is very fast, usually only a couple of hours, and requires no change to your home’s aesthetics.

Safe touch provides home security system and has proven to be reliable with all the essentials to help give you the latest technology and peace of mind.

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