Range XTD Review 2020 – Get a Strong, Steady Wi-Fi Signal

Range XTD Review

Range XTD Review

Get a Strong, Steady Wi-Fi Signal in EVERY Room in Your Home!!

Just a few months ago, my family moved into a new home. Everything was great – except for our Wi-Fi network!

You see, the Wi-Fi signal would be super strong in some rooms. Reception was great, with a solid, steady signal whenever you tried to use it.

But unfortunately, it wasn’t like that in every room. For example, my daughter’s bedroom got a perfect Wi-Fi connection, but as for my son’s bedroom, well… not so much. In fact, it was pretty difficult to get any sort of connection in his bedroom.

There were several other “Wi-Fi Dead Zones” in our house, too. I knew if I wanted to keep everybody happy, something would have to change. So I started researching the cause (and solutions!) for standard Wi-Fi problems.

Weak Wi-Fi Signal = Unhappy Family Members

range xtd price
range xtd price  

As you might imagine, our son was not very happy (at all!) when our family moved into our new home. The Wi-Fi in his bedroom was so weak, he’d have to move into the living room to get any sort of decent Wi-Fi connection.

And to be honest, my wife wasn’t exactly thrilled with the Wi-Fi in our new home, either. She liked to watch recipe videos on YouTube while she cooked, but unfortunately, the Wi-Fi connection in our kitchen was barely even usable.

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I took my laptop into each of the troubled rooms to test the strength of the Wi-Fi signal. It was true – in my home office (where the modem was located), I’d get a full four bars of Wi-Fi reception. But once I’d try connecting in one of the problem areas, I was lucky if I could even get a single reception bar.

I couldn’t believe it, but it was true! Some of the rooms in our home were complete Wi-Fi dead spots. It was almost like they didn’t have Wi-Fi at all…

The Search for THE FIX for Our Wi-Fi Problems…

I tried researching this stuff online, but frankly, I wasn’t making much in the way of progress.

  • You see, I’m not exactly a tech expert. Quite the opposite, in fact. I did a ton of research, but to be completely honest, a lot of the stuff I read was just way over my head. After all, I’m just a guy who works at an advertising agency, not some kind of computer programmer!

Thankfully, my daughter really is a whiz with computers. I hate trying to fix computer problems, but my daughter is one of those people who actually enjoys it. I don’t know where she got this ability from, but it certainly wasn’t me!

I’m sure you know how kids can be. When I told my daughter that my son’s room was incapable of getting a solid Wi-Fi connection, she said that it was “hilarious” – my kids have the kind of sibling rivalry that often puts them at each other’s throats – but once I told her that the Wi-Fi problems were making life difficult for her mom, too, my daughter promised she would find the solution to our Wi-Fi problems.

Let me tell you, I was really hoping she was right. Heaven knows I hadn’t been able to find a solution on my own…

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Range XTD Review: Our Wi-Fi Became Super Strong, and It Couldn’t Have Been Easier!

I thought I’d hear back from my daughter in a few days, maybe a week – so you can imagine my surprise when she announced that she’d discovered the solution just a few hours later.

It turns out that my daughter has thousands of followers on her social media accounts, and many of them are real tech experts just like she is. So within just a few hours, she had received a couple hundred responses from real tech experts from around the world.

She got a TON of suggestions on how to fix our Wi-Fi, but by far, the one that got the highest number of recommendations was a device called the RangeXTD.

range xtd booster

All you do is plug it into a wall socket and it can extend your Wi-Fi range as far as you want it to.

I told my daughter I needed to order one right away, but my daughter said “already done, dad – it should be arriving within a week!”

I don’t know how my daughter got so good at this stuff. She’s really smart when it comes to this kind of thing. She must have taken after her mother – she sure as heck didn’t get that kind of smarts from me!

RangeXTD Made our Wi-Fi Signal as Strong as an Ox!

The RangeXTD arrived in the mail within a week. I was going to wait for my daughter to set it up for me, but the instructions looked so easy, I decided to try setting it up myself.

I read the instructions that came with the RangeXTD, and thankfully, the whole setup process couldn’t have been easier. All I did was plug the RangeXTD into a wall socket in the room with the weakest Wi-Fi signal. This would tell me right away whether the RangeXTD really could measure up to its claims.

rangextd wifi extender review

Of course, I started off in my son’s bedroom. Before the RangeXTD, you were lucky if you could even get a single bar of Wi-Fi reception in there. But once I’d installed the RangeXTD, my son’s bedroom got a full four bars of Wi-Fi reception!

I couldn’t believe it!

Range XTD Review
Range XTD Review

Next, I decided to test the Wi-Fi connection in our kitchen. To my absolute shock, I got a full three bars of reception in there, too! It was hard to believe, but RangeXTD was delivering a full, strong, steady, and solid Wi-Fi connection in the kitchen, too!

RangeXTD Review

Quite honestly, I was completely BLOWN AWAY by the change that RangeXTD had made! It felt like it had put our Wi-Fi network “on steroids” – it literally supercharged our Wi-Fi network!

Long story short, everyone is finally happy. My son gets great Wi-Fi speeds in his bedroom. My wife is able to watch any streaming video in the kitchen, and at full HD resolution, too. And perhaps best of all, my daughter was impressed that I was easily able to install RangeXTD all on my own. “I’ll make a tech geek out of you, too, Dad!” she promised me.

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I never would have believed that a device so simple could make such a profound difference in our Wi-Fi network… and with no additional monthly service charges, either!

If you ask me, the RangeXTD is a total miracle. It took a home that had TERRIBLE Wi-Fi and turned it into a Wi-Fi SUPER ZONE.

At such an affordable price (and SO easy to install!), I give the RangeXTD my absolute highest recommendation. If only every problem in life had such a quick, easy, affordable solution!

Update on the Range XTD Review

After several months, our Wi-Fi is still running just as strong as the day I installed RangeXTD.

If your Wi-Fi network is weak or in need of some help, RangeXTD is the best solution you could ever hope for. And now, the company that makes RangeXTD is offering a special, reduced-price, introductory offer.

If you have problems with your Wi-Fi connection, I’d jump at the chance to buy RangeXTD at such a bargain price. You DON’T have to deal with a crummy Wi-Fi connection for even a day more – not when RangeXTD is available!

Customer Review about the Range XTD

Lydia R. · Santa Fe, NM

RangeXTD has worked wonders. My Wi-Fi never even reached the kitchen, now I can watch YouTube videos from my garden if I want to!

Chris G. · San Bernardino, CA

Shipping was super fast so that was a great bonus. I received my RangeXTD within a couple of days, and ever since, my connection’s been great. I really need a reliable connection at all times for my work, so RangeXTD has been a huge help.

Rick T. · Gatlinburg, TN

I have two RangeXTDs already, one for upstairs and one I bought a week afterwards that’s downstairs, and I don’t know how I got along without them before. I mean, I do, but there was a lot of lagging and readjusting to get out of dead zones. RangeXTD fixed all of that, now I can use Wi-Fi from anywhere in my home!


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