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KoreScale Review

*KoreScale Review*

Revolutionary New Scale Lets You Look Inside Your Body (It’s Like A Free Physical Exam At Home!)

Let’s face it—our bodies are a mystery. You never know what’s going on inside your body, you can only see what happens on the outside.

You gain weight, you lose weight: these are the EFFECTS, but you never really know the CAUSE. To make matters worse, sometimes the effects aren’t what they seem. 

You might lose weight only to later realize it wasn’t fat you were shedding, but muscle. Until recently, the only way to find out what’s going on inside your body is by getting a full physical exam from a doctor.

Not only is this method expensive and time consuming, it’s not much help if you’re trying to make daily adjustments to your diet or workout routine.

But thanks to recent advancements in health and fitness technology, there’s a better way to monitor your health.

With this revolutionary new device, you can now get a real look INSIDE your body and understand EXACTLY what’s going on—and best of all, you can do it from the comfort of your own home. The device is called KoreScale, and although it might look simple, this thing is LIGHTYEARS ahead of your old fashioned bathroom scale.

KoreScale Review: What is KoreScale?

You’ve probably heard of smart scales before, but KoreScale is more like a GENIUS scale. The secret is KoreScale’s patented BIA technology—Bioelectric Impedance Analysis. When you step on the scale, 4 precision sensors scan and analyze your entire body, and break it down into 11 key health metrics.

In addition to you weight, you can see your BMI, body fat, muscle mass, water weight, and more!With these insights, KoreScale takes the guesswork out of fitness. You can see EXACTLY how your body responds to diet and exercise in REAL TIME!

How Does KoreScale Work? (KoreScale Review)

Using KoreScale couldn’t be easier!

Step 1: Download the FREE app!

Step 2: Step on the platform—no socks or shoes, you need to use your bare feet so that the sensors can read the electrical signals in your body.

Step 3: Within seconds you’ll get a full readout of your body’s composition with all 11 key health metrics!All your information is automatically stored and graphed so you can easily track changes and see your progress.

KoreScale Review

What Makes KoreScale Such an Effective Weight Loss Tool? (KoreScale Review)

Many people lose weight but become frustrated when they don’t see the results they wanted. That’s because they were losing the WRONG KIND of weight.

KoreScale Reviews

KoreScale breaks your weight down into every category: fat, muscle, bone, and water, so you can see EXACTLY what your body needs to get the results you want.

KoreScale even helps you set goals and shows you your daily progress to keep you motivated. Most people dread weighing themselves, but with KoreScale you’ll actually look forward to it!

KoreScale Review: What Else Can KoreScale Do?

KoreScale Review

KoreScale isn’t JUST for weight loss, it helps you get fit in MANY different ways!For example, KoreScale can tell you how quickly your body is aging. Your metabolic age tells you how old your body is in relation to your actual age.

If you’re making changes to your diet, KoreScale also makes it easy to track your protein levels so you can make sure you’re getting proper nutrition.

These are just a few examples. Once you start using KoreScale, you’ll start discovering all sorts of ways that these insights make it easy to improve your health and fitness. This information used to only be available to pro athletes, but KoreScale makes it available to you at any time!

KoreScale is a Revolution in Personal Health and Fitness. If you’ve trying to get in shape, starting a new diet, or just want to know what’s going on inside your body, KoreScale is exactly what you need. For this first time ever you can get a real look at how your body works and it’s never been this fast, easy, or affordable!

KoreScale Review

Frequently Asked Questions about KoreScale

How does KoreScale calculate my body metrics?

The biometric sensors measure your weight and the electric current flowing through your body, which allows it to calculate the levels of water, fat, muscle, and bone in your body.

How will I know if my metrics are healthy?

In the KoreScale app, all measurements are given a color code to indicate your level of fitness.

What is the difference between Body Fat and Visceral Fat?

Body Fat is stored just under the skin and is found in areas like your belly, thighs, and rear. Visceral fat is stored within the abdominal cavity around your internal organs.

What is the difference between Muscle Mass and Skeletal Muscle?

Muscle Mass is the total weight of all muscle in your body. Skeletal Muscle refers only to the muscles you have voluntary control over, like your biceps.

Can I use KoreScale without the app?

You can weigh yourself with KoreScale on its own, but you won’t be able to access your metrics without the app.

Do I need to have my phone with me every time I use KoreScale?

No, KoreScale can store up to 20 readings on its own without the app. The data will automatically sync with your phone the next time it comes within Bluetooth range.

KoreScale Review

Customer Reviews about KoreScale – KoreScale Review

“KoreScale Keeps Me on Track Between Sessions with
My Trainer!
 – Marc W.

I decided this was the year I was finally gonna get in shape. I pulled the trigger and bought a gym membership package that includes a monthly check-in with a trainer. My trainer is great, he helps me set goals and shows me what I need to focus on during my workouts.

I wanted to bulk up, so I started eating more protein and doing high-intensity workouts. I was slowly gaining weight, so I thought I was killing it. But when I went for my monthly check-in, it turned out I wasn’t gaining muscle, it was just fat.

KoreScale Review

So it was clear once a month wasn’t gonna cut it. I needed to find a way to consistently track my body. That’s how I found KoreScale. It’s the next best thing to having a trainer work with you 24/7.

It gives me all the same high-tech data my trainer gives me. I can see exactly how much muscle, fat, and protein is in my body. It even breaks down the types of fat and muscle!

Everything gets automatically stored in the app on my phone, which makes it really easy to follow. I check in at the end of every week and make sure I’m staying on track to meet the goals my trainer set. If I see that I’m falling behind,
I know how to change my diet and exercise to get back at it.

Now I’m never worried about my monthly check-ins, because I already know what the results will be.

KoreScale Helped Me Get My Momentum Back! – Jenna B.

My community center used to offer a free spin classes once a week. It was fantastic, it kept me on a regular workout schedule, and I really enjoyed exercising with the bike.

I was going strong with it for a couple months, , and I even started to see some results. I was slimming down and getting more toned. But then out of the blue, they cancelled it. I couldn’t afford to pay for another class, so I had to go it alone and exercise at home.

But without a teacher, I started feeling lost. I didn’t know how to structure a workout, I was just guessing — and guessing wrong. I started to gain back the weight I had lost. I had finally built up momentum with the spin class and now I was losing it!

KoreScale helped me get back on track. It showed me exactly how my body was changing and took the guesswork out of my workouts.

With the progress reports, I learned how to properly exercise to keep burning fat and building muscle. It was really rewarding to watch the graphs slowly tick up day by day. Even if it was only a little bit at a time, I could see I was improving.

I don’t even miss the spin class anymore, I’m my own teacher now! With KoreScale, I get to see my results instantly, and that keeps me motivated to keep going.

KoreScale Helped Me Break Through My Weight Loss Plateau – Wendy L.

Me and my friend Sandy started doing keto together. We both had similar weight-loss goals, so it was nice to have someone to work through the diet and exercise with. A little friendly competition never hurts!

We were pretty neck and neck for a while… but then I started losing momentum and Sandy just kept going. I wasn’t doing anything different, but my scale stopped moving. Meanwhile, she was still dropping pounds every month. It started to really get to me!

I got KoreScale to figure out what was going on inside my body and it turned out to be a total game-changer.

After a couple weeks of weigh-ins, I discovered what was going on. Although my weight wasn’t changing, my body fat was going down and my muscle mass was going up. I had been focusing mostly on diet to try and lose weight, but my body was trying to bulk up.

korescale reviews

So I shifted focus, stopped worrying about how much I was eating and started putting more time into workouts. Pretty soon, I was making progress again! I wasn’t losing weight, but I was getting toned and muscles were showing through for the first time in my life.

I think Sandy got a little jealous, because she bought one too!

KoreScale Review: There’s More to Fitness Than Your Weight — Find Out What You’ve Been Missing with KoreScale

korescale review

KoreScale has already helped thousands of people find a way around their fitness road blocks.

If you’ve been trying to get into shape and been frustrated with the lack of results, don’t get discouraged! Your fitness goals are closer than you think, you just need a few insights to get you over the last hurdles.

Go beyond your weight and find out what’s really going on inside your body with KoreScale.

KoreScale is having a special promotional sale, but only for a limited time! If you follow the link below, you can get KoreScale today for 50% off the retail price! Don’t miss out on this incredible discount or this incredible chance to take control of your body!

There is a 30-day Money Back Guarantee on this product in case you wish to return it, if it does not suit your performance. You will get back a 100% refund.

Update: Since publishing this article, the demand for KoreScale has skyrocketed. KoreScale sold out once already, it’s currently back in stock, but who knows for how long.The company that makes KoreScale is now running a special promotional offer where you can save up to 50% — click the link below to get in on this deal before they’re all gone!


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