Ever had problem locating where you parked your car for any reason? This is for you, take some time and read carefully the details of this content ‘iTrack GPS’. It will help you a whole lot.

Protect your vehicle or any other valuable asset using iTrack GPS trackers. You can easily monitor the location of your asset in real-time using our cloud-based software.

Our live tracking platform is FREE to use and will save historical data for 30 days allowing you to view and download travel reports, monitor driver behavior and access simulated route repeats for any given day or time period. 

iTrack GPS trackers will automatically send location reports at predetermined time intervals so you will always know where your asset is and where it has been.

Alternatively, your iTrack GPS tracker can be used in SMS mode where you simply call the device and it instantly sends you a full location report to your mobile phone via text message with a link to Google Maps.

You know how your heart skips a beat every time you reach for your pocket to grab your keys or your phone only to realize they are not there? Well, imagine how it feels if you get out of your house only to realize that your car had been stolen. It is at least 10 times worse, isn’t it?

While your friend can help you find your phone by calling your number, nobody can track down your car.

At least, not if you do not have iTrack GPS, a smart car tracker that will instantly become your best friend, once purchased. What it is and how it can help keep your car safe, find out below.

iTrack GPS 2019: iTrack GPS Tracker Reviews

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Before going into technical details, let’s see some good reasons to fall in love with iTrack. First of all, it is a reliable and affordable GPS tracking device. Secondly, it works on multiple car brands and models, which makes it very practical.

Besides being a GPS tracker, it also has an option that lets you monitor your route history. This way, you can see your journey and location from anywhere in the world.

Another great thing about it is that it can be used by pretty much anybody. For example, if you are a mom who is worried about her son or daughter’s security. With iTrack, you can see where your child is in real time.

On the other hand, if you are a little bit forgetful and you find it hard to remember where you park your car, with this car tracking device you don’t have to worry about that anymore.

If you use iTrack, you can see on your phone the exact location where you parked. Also, this car tracker device is also useful when somebody else is driving your car. This way, you can easily see where the other person has been.

Last but definitely not the least important, iTrack comes in handy when your car has been stolen. With this GPS tracker, the insurance company can react within minutes to recover a stolen vehicle and save the owner and themselves tens of thousands of dollars in loss.

With this in mind, it is easy to say that the device pays for itself multiple times over.

iTrack GPS Car Tracker: How It Works

iTrack GPS Car Tracker
iTrack GPS Car Tracker

Curious how iTrack works? Here are some features and benefits. iTrack provides a smart technology which has been designed by experts in the field. At the same time, it is very easy and simple to use.

One of the most important features is that the GPS tracker will alert you immediately if your car moves without your permission or if it has been removed from its parking space.

Only by using your phone, you can access real-time location tracking so that you can see exactly where your vehicle is, should it be taken or borrowed without permission

On top of this, you can review the history of the car’s route, stops, and spend. Also, the GPS tracker device lets you monitor your driving habits and patterns. Last but not least, it is important to mention that the app works on both Android and iPhone. As for the cars, it works for all cars from 1996 onwards.

iTrack Gps Tracker: How To Use It

iTrack Gps Tracker
iTrack Gps Tracker

Now that we have seen what the main features and benefits of iTrack are, let’s see how you can use it. Below is a short guide on how to set up the iTrack on your car:

  1. Ensure you have a sim card with an active data plan to allow the OBD GPS tracker to share its position.
  2. Find your car’s diagnostic port. For this, you may have to check in the user manual to find its location.
  3. Plug the device into your vehicle’s diagnostic port.
  4. Download the free app for your smartphone and follow the instructions in order to set up an account.
  5. Connect your device to the app
  6. That’s it! After this, your data is securely accessible on your own smartphone.

Who can benefit from a GPS tracker, you may wonder. To be honest, we think that anybody should invest in a GPS tracker for car, but below is a short list of people who should absolutely own one.

First of all, smart drivers. If you live somewhere where you have to park your car out of sight or around a corner, then you should invest in a GPS tracker device. This way, you will have peace of mind, even though you can’t physically see your car.

Secondly, car sharers. If you share your car with a family member or a friend, iTrack helps you see where they left the car. This means that you no longer have to call them every time you cannot find the car.

Lastly, iTrack is recommended for owners of company fleets. By installing a GPS tracking device, you can see if the car is driven responsibly.

The app will allow you to see the driving habits of those who drive any of the vehicles you provide through your company.

Also, you can see if they are being taken anywhere they should not be going.

iTrack Gps Car Tracker Price

The iTrack GPS Tracker is great if you don’t want to pay a monthly subscription fee, which can cost up to $30 or $40 per month, per device.

Using ElectroFlip’s mapping software or Google Earth to type in coordinates from mobile text alerts allows you to monitor where your child, teen driver or runaway pet is.

It’s a much less user-friendly alternative to more expensive subscription-based solutions, but if you’re on a budget it might be exactly what you need.

itrack gps car tracker price
itrack gps car tracker

Final Verdict

Get yours now, its worth it, save your self the stress of being worried about your car been stolen and unnecessary restlessness.

We recommend getting it from this icon below so you claim your 50% discount and Free worldwide delivery.

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