Hoverboard For Kids – Your Best Bet.

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The Best Hoverboards For Kids are vehicles that are safe, have a good speed to range ratio, decent charge times and a quality build.  While there are many brand names out there, only a handful produce the best hoverboards every year.

We put in a massive 60 hours on this project and tested 15 models (with help from some kids), researched every other model on the market that we could find and weighed our findings against online reviews for each. I’m a little worn out from the process, and from the kids making fun of me.

We looked at several factors to determine which hoverboards made the cut. They had to be safe, durable, have good speed and range, low charge times,  and be easy to use.

hoverboards for kids

Kids Hoverboard Safety and History

The hoverboard as we know it today was invented in 2013 and the idea really took off around 2016 when many of them flooded onto the market. A massive recall happened soon after, due to batteries overheating and making them catch fire. Hoverboards are completely safe today, however, because these vehicles came back onto the market with UL 2272 Certification.

This means that UL 2272 certified devices have been thoroughly tested and inspected for safety.  Now they are safe and more popular than ever, with companies like Razor, Gotrax, Swagtron, Halo, Jetson, Tomoloo, hoverheart hoverboard and a handful of others dominating the market.

These rides are taking people to work, school and everywhere in between. Many prefer them to self-balancing scooters. Sales of hoverboards are forecasted to rise through the year 2021(R). With so many choices, it can be hard to navigate the market. So read on to see which ones we chose as the coolest toys for kids.

So without further ado, our #1 pick is the TOMOLOO K1. TOMOLOO is a brand known for producing quality hoverboards. They were among the earliest manufacturers of electric hoverboards in China, so they have been around as long as the hoverboard craze itself. 

Many riders consider them to be the best hoverboard maker on the market. The K1 has a lot of great features, including 3-speed modes, Bluetooth so that it can connect to your smartphone and a large maximum capacity so big kids and adults can also ride.

The 10 MPH maximum speed makes it great for just about anyone and the 12 miles it gives you per charge is enough for most adventurers. It also gives you a smooth ride with decent power over small inclines.


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