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Nowadays, it is getting harder and harder to be active during the day, let alone keep track of it. Most of us work a 9 to 5 job and spend way too many hours sitting on a chair, working in front of a computer, if you are one then read this Health First Urgent Care.

But we all know that in order to create a healthy lifestyle, we have to be more active. Luckily, there are many devices that help us keep track of this and one of them is HealthWatch-Health First Urgent Care.

The health watch review is aimed at educating you on this very product which becomes a need for you. If you are considering buying one for yourself, we recommend you read what others have to say about it.

Health First Urgent Care has so many reviews out there, here are the good parts and the bad parts about it we have found after reading more than one hundred reviews.

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The Good Part About Advanced Urgent Care

“Health watch at a great price” – one customer said that he had been thinking about buying a fitness device for quite some time but was always discouraged by the retail price.

So according to him, he was very happy when Health Watch got on the market because it offers the same amazing features at half the price. He mentioned that he has been using it for over three months – at the time he wrote the review, and said he is very pleased with the product.

“A must have for anyone who wants to stay active” – another happy customer said that he considers this device a must have for anyone who wants to stay active while keeping track of it.

He mentioned that he had been using the device without any problems for the last couple of months and has not yet found any downside of it. One of the things he likes the most is the touch screen which easily allows him to go back and forth without having to go through the whole menu again.

He concludes by saying he has bought one for his wife as well and she uses it every day and is very happy with the product.

“The battery life is amazing” – yet another customer said that he has been using Health Watch every day since buying it and has not experienced any downsides of it. In fact, he mentioned that he is very impressed with the battery life saying that it last up to 7 days. He recommends it to anyone who is looking for a simple, yet fun and very useful device to help track their daily activities.

“I use it when going for a swim and I love that it is waterproof” – last but not least, one customer said that one of the things he likes the most about the product is the fact that it is waterproof. And given the fact that it is an affordable device, this feature is considered a major plus by many another customers who have purchased it.

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“I love the product but I had some problems with it” – one customer mentioned that he is successfully using this device in order to keep track of his sleep, as well as activity levels during the day.

However, he did mention that in the first days he had experienced some inconveniences. According to him, the device would disconnect automatically, when he walked a couple feet away from the phone.

However, he said that this was a minor problem he encountered only for a few days and after that he never had a problem with it.

“Great quality but takes a while to sync up with the app”– yet another customer said that he uses Health Watch every day in order to keep track of his activities and sleep.

He mentioned that he especially likes that it also has a heart rate feature and it is very user friendly. He said that he did not encounter any problem when installing it.

However, he mentioned the fact that it took longer than expected for the device to sync up with the app on his mobile phone but did say that he owns a rather old model.

After that, he says that he did not encounter any other problems and the device works perfectly. So it is safe to say that this product is suitable for older phones as well, but it might take longer to sync up, which it is understandable.

“Sometimes the weather does not load” – last but not least, a customer said that she uses this device whenever she goes, but sometimes it takes longer than usual for the weather feature to load.

However, she mentioned that this might be in fact because of a slow connection to the internet, not because of the device. Apart from this small issue, she says that she is very pleased with her purchase and finds the device useful in many situations.

How Much Does Urgent Care Cost

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