Make sure you read the instructions on glam white teeth whitening kit.

For you to be reading this you definitely need a solution, just remain calm and read through the glam white teeth whitening kit. I advice you to keep reading through, you just got the perfect solution to your dental problem.

Now you probably have been wondering why all the efforts you put into changing the colour of your teeth which is presently yellow or brown has not worked out.

There are several times you must have tried to kiss your partner and you remember the bad colouration of your teeth? It makes you feel bad right.

Well it’s totally sad as you can’t express yourself in public based on speaking or laughing out loud because you are shy that your friends will be embarrassed at how dirty your teeth look.

Thoughts have crossed your mind, probably about going to a dentist but the cost is so much and not within your budget.

This generally reduces your self esteem when associating with people or going out on a date/event.

Times come when you feel so bad, why must it have to be you that has a coloured teeth amongst all your friends.

You literally hate companies that has taken your money and did not solve your problem leaving you in so much pain.

Sometimes you try brushing your teeth twice or three times a day to improve the situation but none has worked out and there’s this continuous bad breathe that keeps oozing out from your mouth.

Several moments have come when You are so tired about the situation but don’t want to give up that’s why you keep searching for a solution.

To be honest with you, You just found the solution. Read this carefully!

I’ve used teeth whitening kits that require you to keep the tooth mould in your mouth for up to two hours, which let me tell you, can be agonising.

Diamond Smile
Diamond Smile

So it was a relief to find that the Diamond Whites kit only takes 20-30 minutes.

The second advantage of using this method is it’s a non-peroxide formula. That means that unlike the high peroxide (bleach) formulas, you don’t have to worry about a horrendous stinging sensation around your teeth and gums (and potential damage to your tooth enamel).

The third positive is that at £39.99, it’s really affordable. Most teeth whitening services at the dentist cost £100 and upwards. Phew.

When it comes to home teeth whitening kits, the quality can vary massively. I tried a home teeth whitening kit by Diamond Whites in the lead up to my wedding and I thought I’d share my thoughts. Glam white teeth whitening kit is just the best.

Glam White Teeth Whitening Kit Elite Reviews

glam white teeth whitening kit elite reviews

From whitening strips to charcoal toothpastes, the plethora of whitening products on the market today is endless – and for those in pursuit of that Hollywood smile, options abound.

If your pearly whites are looking more pearly yellow, then finding an effective product is your first challenge. Then, finding one which doesn’t leave your teeth uncomfortably sensitive is yet another.

With new EEC guidelines, the law now states that no teeth whitening kit must contain more than 0.1% hydrogen peroxide, and the Diamond Whites Home Teeth Whitening Kit is fully compliant with this, meaning that nasty sensitivity isn’t a worry.

Add to that the fact that, unlike most kits, the treatment time is just 10 minutes a pop, and it looks to have a lot going for it.It’s an innovative twist on convention which really makes this kit worth a go, having improved upon its original formula by adding a new LED light to the contents.

Whilst it might sound like an odd addition, LEDs can actually help to quicken the whitening process, meaning less time spent drooling unbecomingly and hoping no one sees you, and more time spent admiring your new, whiter teeth.

Each kit includes three non-peroxide syringes, along with a silicon mouth tray, easy to use instructions, and of course, the LED light. Offering a simple treatment for those looking to remove tobacco, tea, coffee, red wine and most food stains, first, you simply place the provided mouth trays into hot water for 20 seconds to soften, then place them into your mouth and bite down for 20 seconds to create a mould of your teeth.

I say simply, because the process itself is – however, getting an accurate mould of your teeth is less so, and required some pushing and pressure on the fronts of my teeth in order to get the required indentations.

Once the moulds have been made, you next have to spray the activator spray onto a dry toothbrush and brush your teeth for around 30 seconds, before syringing about 1-2ml of the gel provided into your moulds and popping them into your mouth. Place the LED light into your mouth, then sit back and put your feet up for ten minutes – that really is it.

Having to keep the light in your mouth is not the most enjoyable, but as the treatment is so much shorter than usual, it’s not all that bad, either. The question is, did it work?

In a word, yes – but no need to hold the front page. The kit states that it can only whiten your teeth back to their original shade, so don’t expect to be blinding people with your dazzling new smile.

That said, my teeth looked noticeably whiter post-treatment after using for a week, and though others may not have noticed, I certainly could. If your teeth are just a little bit discoloured then the Glam White Teeth Whitening Kit Elite will restore them to their former glory – and although I can’t speak for more severe staining, I was satisfied with the result.

Glam White Teeth Whitening Kit Elite

Now your problem has come to an end with this simple product.

This product provides several benefits which is the best for your condition: the benefits are as follows-

  • 5 packs LED teeth whitening light works more effective: This definitely provides the most effective result. It gives you the opportunity to of making use of it 5X in case of misuse of negligence. It also actually help to quicken the whitening process.
  • 10 mins timer is more convenient: This timer gives you a comfortable assurance that its not going to take much of your time. Also assures you that it is automated and doesn’t need manual effort. Gives you the comfort of carring out other activities while it performs its work.
  • Food grade silicone month guard, soft and transparent:It gives you a soft touch, you won’t feel pain, No injury, No discomfort while it performs it work.
  • Patent, Mouth guard, High quality control:It has a high quality control which is of most importance, Not painful or Harmful. This can be used by your family young or old. Highly recommended. This will stop all bad breathe oozing from your mouth.
  • 3 packs Whitening Gel is enough for one week use, whiten up to 3-6 shades: There is 3 packs whitening gel which should perform the work and more to share to friends and family. Performs its work effectively.
glam white teeth whitening kit elite

Reasons To Listen To Me

I have been a victim to this very situation, i felt so bad with lots of low self esteem. I never liked the yellow or brown colouration of my teeth.

So i decided to take it upon myself, to review lots of whitening product and show to the world which is best so people won’t fall victim to the same condition which i went through.

I wasted lots of money on various products looking for what works, and i wished someone had taken few of his/her time to write about this.

I wouldn’t have gone through that situation or lost lots of money looking for a solution.

Ever seen then, i took it upon myself to review products and educate customers about the truth in various products so no one starts regreting.

After that i began working with the company and there has been lots of testimonials about the product which has brought much joy and growth to the company.

Glam White Teeth Whitening Kit Instructions

Don’t worry about this because you will get a detailed instruction in the kit on how to use the product, just putting it out here in case of any use.

Step 1) Get an accurate mould of your teeth and requires some pushing and pressure on the fronts of my teeth in order to get the required indentations.

Step 2) Once the moulds have been made, you next have to spray the activator spray onto a dry toothbrush and brush your teeth for around 30 seconds, before syringing about 1-2ml of the gel provided into your moulds and popping them into your mouth.

Step 3) Place the LED light into your mouth, then sit back and put your feet up for ten minutes – that really is it.

Diamond Smile Description

Our two week supply offers 14 minty fresh whitening strips. A flexible strip coated with a non-peroxide whitening gel applied to both bottom and top teeth each day throughout the course for the best result.

Show off a brighter smile in just 14 days
✔️ Remove everyday and deeply bedded stains
✔️  Leaves you with a minty fresh taste
✔️  100% peroxide free causing absolutely no irritation to gums or sensitive teeth
✔️  Our strips come with one strip for the bottom teeth and one strip for the top teeth that stick and are flexible therefore comfortable

glam white teeth whitening kit instructions

Does Diamond Smile Dental Really Work?

But now for the most important question – does it actually work? In a nutshell – with perseverance, yes.

diamond smile

I tried out the home teeth whitening kit over the space of around two weeks and found that while my teeth weren’t quite on a par with the TOWIE dazzle (not the look I was going for tbh), the staining on my teeth caused by my two vices – tea and coffee – was noticeably reduced.

The instructions tell you to place the mouth trays in hot water until they go soft so you can then create a bespoke mould to fit your teeth. Personally I don’t think this works and luckily, I had a bespoke mouth tray I’d paid for from the dentist so would recommend you do this if you’re taking your teeth whitening seriously!

Mouth tray aside, the formula – as I say – is easy to use as it doesn’t sting (the formula contains less than 0.1% hydrogen peroxide). And once you’ve brushed your teeth with the activator spray, you then fill the mouth tray with the formula and let it do its work.

For maximum effect, it’s advised you purchase the LED light. It’s a little bit uncomfortable to hold it in your mouth for 30 minutes and takes a bit of getting used to, but it’s a small price to pay and all that…

After the 30 minutes is up, you remove the mouth tray and LED light and then rinse with water, before brushing your teeth with the special whitening toothpaste.

Does Diamond Smile Last?

After two weeks’ of use, I found it scrubbed my teeth up quite well and as I say, helped remove some stains.

The results don’t last forever (especially with my tea and coffee addiction). But if you have a good toothcare routine, this kit certainly gives you a good start if you can’t afford the professional laser treatments.

The kit also includes a whitening pen, which you can apply for 10 minutes as a quick ‘top up’ before you go out.

diamond smile dental


As stated, this is the best solution to your problem.

Trust me on this and never regret it. Glam white teeth whitening kit is simply the best. Click the link below to get yours from the official website.

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The promo is on a first-come, first-served basis, so if you delay, you might end up missing out and paying full price.

I don’t know how long this promo will last, but I do know promos don’t usually last long, so if you are interested in the whitening teeth kit, now is a pretty good time to get it.

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