EWatch Review 2020 – The Fashion SmartWatch for Everyone.

ewatch review

If you are looking to run your daily schedule a bit smooth, then you are  covered. Here is to introduce you to the new stunning eWatch with style. The EWatch Review!

Have you ever forgotten to  respond to urgent messages or answer calls while working out in the gym or driving?

Think of how cool it would be if you did not have to carry your smart-phone everywhere. Yes, we cannot deny the numerous amount of accessibility smart-phone has given us, but neither can we ignore its disadvantages.

What is EWatch?

The EWatch is a health tracker and more. Maybe you already know similar products from big manufacturers like Samsung and Apple.

The health tracker is worn like a watch on your wrist and shows you the current time which regular watches do.

But it can do even more like; monitors and tracks your activities, your heartbeat and even your sleep.

In the past, this enabled many people to do more sports and to establish a more active lifestyle. 

In addition, this special fitness tracker also displays notifications sent to your smart-phone by your friends, colleagues or business partners.

So you can quickly check your messages while you’re doing your at the gym or jogging in the nearby park. 

Furthermore, the price is quite respectable in direct comparison. Unlike the Fitness Trackers from Samsung, Apple and others, this device is explicitly suitable for smart-phones with Android, but also for mobile phones with IOS operating system. 

Who needs the EWatch?

The eWatch is for people who have very active lifestyle and are short on time. The best part of this smart-watch is that it combines the features of a fitness tracker, a watch, and your smart-phone.

So, people who go to the gym regularly and find it an inconvenience to carry their big smartphones will love this watch.

Since it tracks your footsteps, heart rate, and oxygen percentage in the blood, it provides optimum support for people who have heart diseases.

It will be easier for them to know when to take it easy in a stressful environment. This watch can be used for all ages, especially the older population.

Why do I need an EWatch?

The reasonably priced Smart-watch is basically aimed at anyone who wants to take advantage of the benefits of a Smart-watch for themselves and their health.

Anyone who wants an easy way of functionality as well as an attractive and modern design. The gadget is particularly suitable for men as well as women.

Thanks to its intuitive operation, the product is also suitable for people with a low affinity for technical devices. So now really everyone can track and monitor their own health.

All you need is a smart-phone to which the Smart-watch can be paired. As already mentioned, it is completely irrelevant here whether it is a mobile phone with Android or with IOS.

Through Bluetooth the Smartphone and the Smart-watch connect to each other and you are ready to go.

Advantages of the EWatch Review

  • It is very light in weight, you’ll hardly feel it on your wrist which makes it comfortable to wear and remove.
  • It has a durable material make that will last a long time even after roughly used. 
  • It has an inbuilt pedometer that tracks your footsteps and gives you the exact calorie count. 
  • It has a heart and oxygen tracker in your body. 
  • The smart-watch can be easily synced with both Android and IOS phones. 
  • It has Bluetooth 4.0 that enables you to take up calls and messages. 
  • You can take photos and play music from its music store. 
  • You can access social media sites from this smart-watch.  

Technical Specifications of the eWatch

  • This eWatch has an automatic silent alarm and a sleep monitoring system that helps to know the quality of your sleep. 
  • It has a retina HD touch screen. 
  • The smart-watch uses 1 Lithium Polymer battery that lasts for a long time. 
  • The dimensions of the watch is 100.001×30,5 x 30,5 mm. 
  • It weighs about 50 grams. 
  • The ewatch has a water-resistant make and an aluminum case. 
  • The watch features a Bluetooth phone finder too.
  • It is compatible with android and ios.

How does the eWatch work?

If the eWatch review sounds too good to be true and you are still skeptical of it, then here’s how it helps you.

It has an inbuilt pedometer that tracks all your footsteps and keeps you in check of the exact number of calories you have burnt throughout the day.

It also has a Bluetooth phone tracker that helps you in finding you phone when you have misplaced it in a hurry. 

The eWatch has a sleep monitoring system that checks your quality of sleep. It has a long-standing battery, which lasts for 3-5 days after a full charge. 

How to use the eWatch?

The eWatch is so easy to use it feels like opening a candy. It takes about sixty minutes to charge the battery full, and you are good to go.

Connect your smart-watch with your phone via bluetooth and fix the settings according to your needs. From here on you enjoy the watch.

Here are some features you will find in the eWatch:

  • Time display
  • Alarm
  • Phonebook
  • Call and Message logs
  • Step tracker
  • Music
  • Calculator
  • Calorie tracker
  • Distance tracker
  • Heart Rate Tracker
  • ECG
  • Stopwatch
  • Advanced Fitness App
  • 3-5 day battery
  • Sleep monitor
  • Anti-loss function
  • Calendar

What is it about the EWatch that has gotten everyone’s attention?

First of all, it is simultaneously a smart-watch as well as a fitness tracker. It feels and is high-quality. It can track heart rate, sleep schedule, and menstrual cycle.

It is water-resistant and has a display that can be read in different lightings.

You can also use it to make calls, send messages, schedule events, all by the voice assistant.

Check out their other premium and key features:

  • Personal Voice Assistance
  • Sleep Monitoring System
  • Heart Monitoring system
  • Bluetooth
  • Portable and sleek design
  • Mobile phone functions such as Wifi, GPS, weather forecast, and reminders


One special feature of the ewatch is its compatibility with the Android and IOS operating systems. This gives you more freedom in your purchasing decision if you want to buy a new smart-phone and not a new fitness tracker.

The functional range of the Smart-watch hardly differs from that of other comparable health watches.

So you can track your activities and monitor your sleep. The latter is possible because the watch records all your movements while you sleep and uses this information to determine which phase of sleep you are in.

The fitness tracker also measures your mood and heart rate, which is especially important when you are exercising.

It helps in telling you how busy you are, how hard you are working, how effective your training is, how well you sleep, and may indicate you of possible heart disease, of which you should meet with your doctor.

You will also see notifications that others send to your smart-phone. So you can leave your phone in your pocket or backpack while you take a hike or exercise.

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The promo is on a first-come, first-served basis, so if you delay, you might end up missing out and paying full price.


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