Are you tired of the crazy winter period? Guess what; this is for you. This is an EcoHeat S Review on the product just for you.

EcoHeat S is a cylinder-style heater with an adjustable thermostat and oscillation that can heat an area to a maximum of 98 degrees.

The heater uses ceramic heating elements and an internal fan to push hot air out into the room in which it stands. According to the heater’s website it can produce heat in as little as three seconds.

During the winter months, heaters like these can be a lifesaver for homeowners and renters who want to save on electricity bills by heating one room and not the whole dwelling.

Writing from authority i will tell you what you can gain from using EcoHeat and What you will lose when you do not use EcoHeat.

This is a meant to simplify everything that’s why it’s called EcoHeat s review. The winter is a very precious season in which you are familiar with and i don’t need to tell you much what it comes with.

Generally you know there’s so much cold, to top it all ice bergs are formed that’s to tell you the intensity of the temperature.

Basically in some countries it ranges from -8C to 10C as a normal within the winter period.

Now your wondering, what does EcoHeat has to do with this? Keep reading and you will be amazed what you will find out.

EcoHeat S Review and Its Features

  • The Eco Heat S (portable heater) is made up of three key parts: the heater, the fan and the control panel.
  • According to the company, the EcoHeat’s heating module has a certain amount of ceramic in it. The fact that the heating element has ceramic in it is a testament to ceramic’s popularity with small heaters of this type.
  • The reason ceramic is popular among these small heaters is that ceramic is excellent at absorbing and releasing heat, which means they can push a lot of heat out into a room pretty quickly and, when you turn off the heater, it will cool down quickly.
  • The EcoHeat S Review has two wattage settings: 1,220 and 600. It takes 10 watts to warm a 10-square-foot room, which means this heater can heat rooms between 60 and 120 square feet.
  • The control panel located on top of the heater is where you’ll set the thermostat, turn on the oscillation and change the heat intensity of the unit. For example, you can choose to use high heat, low heat or just use the fan.
  • You can also set the thermostat to temperatures of up to 98 degrees. A small screen on top of the heater displays the current temperature and, when you’re adjusting the thermostat, it will show your heat setting.
  • You can press a button to turn on the oscillation.
  • The heater stands at 8.3 inches tall and 5.5 inches wide.
  • One of the reasons Eco Heat is a great investment is the fact that it has a unique feature: it provides wide-angle heating. This means that the heater can rotate at a 70-degree angle which will warm up a vast area evenly.
  • This is very important mostly because it helps produce a very smooth heat over a wide angle, without those uncomfortable “hot spots”. It turns around side to side and warms up the air of the space around you other than one direction.
  • The heat spreads all over the place without becoming unbearable. In addition, EcoHeat S reviews creates the perfect warm zone for more than one person in the room. On top of this, this portable heater uses PTC ceramic heating elements that crank up the heat in only three seconds.

The Benefits Of Eco heat s portable review:

  • EcoHeat S Review provides a temperature for your babies to keep them warm during the winter and cold seasons. You definitely won’t like to let your babies suffer Pneumonia or a terrible illness because of negligence.
  • You use Eco Heat S to keep the cold out of your home offices as well.
  • The Portable heater reduces airborne allergens through less circulating dust, this will reduce allergic reactions which are not good for you and your family.
  • EcoHeat S Review has a simple System of Installations so you don’t have to be worried about setting it up.
  • EcoHeat S Review is also fast, effective & powerful for indoor personal heating.
  • The LCD display smart thermostat and ceramic plate’s technology result in a 2 Seconds heating time ensures that you maintain your chosen room temperature at all times enabling it to fit all of your heating preferences.
Eco heat s portable review
Eco heat s portable review


“It is a major player and has a great price” – one happy customer mentioned that he, in fact, bought the device as a gift for his wife who said she wanted a more cozy and warm bathroom.

After using the product for a couple of weeks, both of them said that they were very impressed with it. He says that he finds is surprising how a heater this small can actually pull such big weight.

Moreover, he mentioned that it makes the bathroom feel very warm in a very short time. He concludes by saying he recommends it to anyone in need to warm a small place very fast.

“I absolutely love it and take it with me everywhere I go” – yet another customer says she finds it very useful in so many ways. For example, she says she always carries it in her bag when going to the local library to study.

Moreover, she explained that the library does not have the heating capacity to warm their entire space. However, this little device works wonders. She said that all she does is plug it in the outlet in front of her and it does a great job at keeping her warm in the vicinity of her workspace.

“It is perfect as a desk heater” – another person who has purchased this device said that she is very pleased with it. She says that she always has it with her, wherever she goes and that she uses it on a daily basis at the office.

Furthermore, she mostly finds it useful when she needs to warm her hands without having to heat the entire room. And since the device is made to heat the air right in front of it, this is the perfect example that you can use it anywhere you want and whenever you need.

Ecoheat S Review
Ecoheat S Review

Ecoheat ReviewsHow does Ecoheat S installation work?

No special instruction is needed to install the Ecoheat S device. It has a cable which needs to be connected with socket and within a few seconds the radiator heats up and can be used immediately for a warm interior.

Settings can be made on the unit using the display and buttons. Simple and uncomplicated.

Ecoheat Reviews
Ecoheat Reviews

How the EcoHeat S Compares to Handy Heater and Sunshine Blade Instant Heater

Understanding how good of a deal a product is can be tough if you don’t know what competing items cost.

In our video review of Handy Heater, we point out that the device costs $38.98 after shipping and handling. It puts out a maximum wattage of 349, which means it can heat a room up to about 35 square feet, or less than 1 square foot per dollar you spend on it.

The Sunshine Blade is $99.99 and puts out enough wattage to heat a 200-square-foot room. This means the heater has a maximum ratio of 2 square feet per $1 you spend to buy it.

EcoHeat S Review, as we pointed out earlier, can heat a room of up to 120 square feet, or about 1.3 square feet per dollar spent on it.

Based on this, we believe that the EcoHeat S Review value isn’t quite as good as the Sunshine Blade. However, it’s important to point out that the EcoHeat is much smaller than the Sunshine Blade. If space considerations are important, the EcoHeat may be the better choice.

Is the product right for you?

The small portable heater is a result of extensive research and innovation. Thanks to its wide-angle rotation it can rotate at an angle of up to 70 degrees and disburse heat widely.

The EcoHeat S radiator emits heat at wide angles and provides you with a pleasant warmth in winter. At basic level, this is like a fan in summer which also rotates and release air evenly. 

And its USP is is its silent heater which radiates heat in the room silently. You don’t get to hear disturbing device noises caused by traditional heaters. It is light and portable and can be carried here or there depending on the situation without great effort or problems. 

It is vital to protect the environment and be sure of the heating bill, while avoiding suffering from cold.

At EcoHeat you’ll notice of these aspects and you’ll be happy. A minimum of that’s what happened in my case the key of however the device works are the ceramic pieces that heat themselves and keep the warmth at desired temperatures, eventually taking care to regulate itself if it reaches a too hot temperature. It’s terribly safe to use, environmentally friendly and it doesn’t need a socket.

Ecoheat Reviews
Ecoheat Reviews

Our Final Thoughts About the EcoHeat S REVIEW

Based on our research, we believe that the EcoHeat could be a good option for you if you’re looking for a small heater to warm up a room.

For sure EcoHeat S Review is of very good importance to you. There’s no reason giving a second thought, you definitely need Eco Heat S.

Stop shivering during the winter, worried about your electricity bill. Winter isn’t far away, and you’ll be happy that you made the right choice getting one of these revolutionary devices to heat the parts of your home you actually use.

Don’t let the quality of your life continue to suffer because your health is at risk.

A little video below to clarify all second thoughts. Benefits of EcoHeat S Review.


As stated, this is the best solution to your problem. Trust me on this and never regret it.

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Ecoheat Customer Reviews Experience

This tiny fan heater may be a nice action for anyone who needs to cut back their heating prices due to its quite innovative functions and characteristics.

This is very helpful to save environment by reducing power consumption and unfold even heat all over while not turning on the warmers all over.

With all its outstanding functions, the tiny heater offers a brand new heating expertise and, due to its high-quality materials, a awfully smart quality.

“Many users are enthusiastic about this small device with so much power that it is gladly recommended. Many people use it where there is no heater or where it would cost too much to turn on the normal large heater. So the mini heater is often used in the cellar or in the garage, where one could usually only be nibbling and freezing and thickly wrapped in a jacket and now there is also chubby warmth”.



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