Clear View Glass: Read This Before You Buy.

Clear View Glass. the best glasses for driving.

Maybe after a long day at work looking at the computer, driving home by the end of the day. Most times this happen when it’s dark outside, your eyes can cause you some real problem and your vision can get very poor.


You might have driven at night and experienced the glare from the headlights of a coming vehicle, it is quite disturbing.

What if I told you that there is a product capable of making your night journey much comfortable. Now this clear view glasses has an Anti-glare HD Vision which filter out any harmful blue light produced by an oncoming vehicle LED lights.

This way, they will never be too dark or not dark enough as they will change the amount of light which is let in depending on the condition outside. The lenses are capable of blocking UV rays up to 400 nanometers in wavelength.

It is made of adjustable stainless steel frame which is of high resistance to corrosion so you don’t have to worry about wearing it under the rain. You may ask yourself does this clearview glasses really work? The answer is yes.

Without a doubt, having vision problems is one of the most challenging things because it affects any kind of activity you are involved in, having an impact in your day to day life.

If you are one of does people that have high sensitive eyes, driving at night must be dreadful for you. However you can solve this problem by buying clearview glasses.

Clear view is just the best for you. customers are so thankful.
Clear View glass: Simply the best.

These are some of the features you need to know:

• They have anti-reflective lenses on the inner and outer coating.
• The lens is polarized and has a yellow filter.
• They reduce eye fatigue.
• There lenses are W 60mm, H 50mm, the bridge is 15mm and the temple: 135mm.
• Their frames are heavy duty.
• They are unisex and have four unique frame style that are modern and unique.
• They offer night vision, durable, have an adjustable nose pad, and lightweight.
• They have 2x scratch guard coating on both the inner and outer lens.

Things to consider which makes it wort buying:

POLARIZED LENSES:A polarized lens is the most important features when buying a clearview glasses. These polarized lenses minimize glare by only allowing angled vertical light to reach your eyes while cancelling out the intense/direct horizontal light.
LENS MATERIAL: They are two main types of lenses; Tivex and polycarbonate glasses. Lenses that are made from tivex are rear but provide the best night-time driving experience. On top of delivering clear images, tivex lenses are lighter, more scratch and impact resistant than polycarbonate glasses.
LENS TINT: Daytime sunglasses can have a variety of tint colour without affecting their usability. But this not the same case with night-time glasses. For night driving glasses to be effective, their tint has to be one specific colour, and that is yellow. Different colour lenses react differently with light. At night, yellow tinted lenses reduce glare by cutting down on white and blue lights while amplifying less glaring (yellow) light coming from vehicles’ headlights. While yellow lenses tend to distort colour in low-light settings, they enhance the silhouette of objects on the road. This allow you to see better resulting in a better experience at night.
SIZE and FIT: As obvious as this seems, you want to try out the clearview glasses on to see if they are the correct fit. It is important to find glasses that provide just the right amount of comfort and grip. Loosely fitting glasses might be comfortable to wear for extended periods but can easily fall or slide out of place with sudden head movements. On the other hand, tightly fit glasses are resistant to movement and stay in place as they should. However, they are uncomfortable when worn over extended periods and can resist blood flow.


(1)Amazing functionality.

(2)it can be used by anyone.

(3) Outstanding price-equilibrum.


(1)It can only be purchased online.

(2)Only one design available.

In CONCLUSION, clear view glasses is a great product which everyone driving should have, for a clearview eye, the clear view screen should be put on at night or in foggy conditions for a clear view.

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